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Early Production Facility 

EPF using skid mounted surface well testing equipment can stand in
as temporary production facilities and generate cash flow pending
construction of permanent processing facilities. Our full EPF package
can deliver up to 8000bopd. Stedazco offers the winning combination
of decades of knowledge gained in the field and technologically
advanced equipment to deliver a complete line of well EPF solutions
to our customers.

Our professionals will meet with you in advance to custom design the
correct package of equipment and services needed to meet your
particular requirements and successfully execute the project. Whether
it is performing EPF. Well test design, production & maintenance
operations support, up to your gas monetization requirement. You can
count of Stedazco to be there with the right strategy, people, and

Our expert well and production services include:

• Early production facility
• Well cleanup, Surface testing & Extended testing
• Maximum Efficiency Rate (MER) test
• Well sand check & quantification campaign
• Well fluid Measurement
• Real-time Reporting
Some of our well testing / EPF equipment includes:
• Choke Manifolds
• Three-phase, High Volume Separators [High/low and Liquid Level Shut
• Sand Separators
• Line Heaters
• ESD Valves
• Flow Tanks
• Flare Stacks
• Generators, Light Towers
• Piping

Nigeria, Overview, Evolution and Opportunity


Power is key to development. Nigeria Flare about 18% of associated gas which had capacity of generating power to the tune of about 50% of the required power. At Stedazco we seek partnership for sustainable power solution. We strongly believe in utilization of gas resources to deliver the needed power for the entire populace. We are tracking keenly the recently awarded marginal field development and look forwards utilizing clustering strategy in harnessing their gas both AG & NAG for power solution. elimination objective is central to our Gas monetization strategy.


The potential of auto Gas in transport sector in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. It is key to the achievement of gas penetration for decarbonization. Nigeria government PMS subsidy burden can be alleviated via Autogas solution. The market for Autogas conversion and stations in Nigeria is enormous and policies exist that ensure profitable return on investment. Stedazco seek to harness this opportunity with suitable partners who is ready to commit herself just like stedazco to this Autogas solution


City gate and PRMS Solution is a structure EPC solution focusing on Gas line (Transmission and Distribution) termination. Sporadic gas unfractured development in Nigeria create an opportunity for this EPC business. Stedazco has established an accurate and efficient EPC solution and leverage, to ensure our clients are satisfied and entrust our reliability. We welcome PRMS specialist for professional partnership.

About Stedazco

Stedazco Energy and Engineering Limited (SEEL), registered a limited liability company through her preexisting stedazco integrated services a specialist, multidisciplinary, energy and engineering services company that provides integrated, client-focused solutions Power, oil and gas and related industry.

SEEL provides clients with technical solution tailored to perfectly towards their needs throughout their project lifecycle.

Focus on Safety

At Stedazco, safety is our priority.
Experience, knowledge, responsiveness and attention to safety and environment have made stedazco Energy & Engineering a responsible institution. Our environmental & safety focus guides our growth and
expansion plans for all its energy service businesses. Protecting the health and safety of our people and the public, preserving the
environment, and preventing damage to
property are paramount.


Stedazco Gas Processing solution focus on harnessing stranded gas deposit and process them for LNG, CNG or LPG use. Nigeria Marginal Field gas production are mostly flared. This therefore can be clustered and processed for appropriate customer. This we know will improve the profitability matrix of marginal field in Nigeria ss well delivering necessary incentive to investor. We at stedazco are keen on field development strategy for marginal and reach out to operators on possible gas utilization strategy that satisfy our objective.


West Africa Markets for petrochemical products remain vast and Stedazco see gas industrialization solution through Urea, Methanol, and petrochemical production as a panacea for development and therefore crave to deliver solution in this regard. We welcome partnership that can aid our function in this area

Our Team Stedazco


Engr. Folajimi


The lead engineer with 7 years of experience

Engr. Bolanle

Sales Rep

An Expert

Engr. Bolanle

Sales Rep

An Expert

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Marginal Field asset requires field development planning and operations that engender quick
and early cash flow solution. Stedazco’s Energy & Engineering offers solutions tailored to marginal field requirement for optimum ROI. Early cash flow can alleviate debt burden and recreate earnings for further developmental investmen


When you are planning the implementation
of early well production operations, Data
gathering, understand the characteristics
of the reservoir and quick cashflow, it is
important to engage experience
professionals. Stedazco delivers solutions
involving, Early Production facility (EPF),
Well cleanup, Testing & MER, O&M
services and consulting and Gas
Monetization’s solutions

Why Choose Our Stedazco

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Flare elimination objective is central to our Gas monetization strategy. We develop solution for optimization marginal field produced gas either AG / NAG. With FGN declaration of decades of Gas, its pertinent to contribute of this aspiration through effective gas monetization strategy and project development for efficient field operations. We offer suitable solutions that unlock value for marginal field produced gas.

O&M Services and consulting

Operations And Maintenance of oil and gas processing facilities requires expertise to optimize production. Stedazco delivers efficient Operation Services to minimize per barrel cost (OPEX) via optimum resource utilization either through direct O&M Service or third-party consulting

No compromise on data quality: Data is life!!

Stedazco has established an accurate and efficient data generation, monitoring and reporting system which provides our clients with reliable input for well management decisions all time. We utilize specialized software in Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Analysis.

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